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Here is what happens to your body when you start eating 2 eggs every day

Whether boiled, baked or mixed, a modest egg is believed by thousands of Australians. While many reduce their consumption of eggs for fear of high blood cholesterol levels, Australian Eggs experts insist that cholesterol in eggs is “not bad for you”.

It can help you lose weight

The “hard-boiled egg diet” is one of the most popular diets for weight loss, as it encourages people to eat mainly egg-based diets for several days to burn fat. The egg diet is fairly fleeting and somewhat extreme, but even just adding two eggs a day to your diet can have a positive effect on tracking your overall range

Vitamin D is absorbed

It can be difficult to get enough vitamin D in winter. Eggs can help boost vitamin D intake, as it is one of the few food sources for this important nutrient. Vitamin D is important for its role in helping the body absorb calcium and maintain the strength of bones and teeth.

Useful when planning children

B vitamins are also involved in the formation of sex hormones. Vitamin B9 has another name: folic acid. With its help, red blood cells and the fetal neural tube are formed, which reduces the child’s risk of mental retardation. This is why vitamin B9 is so essential for women when planning a pregnancy. 1 chicken egg contains 7.0 mcg of vitamin.

It improves your look

Two antioxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin found in eggs, are also found in the macular region of the eye. Studies have shown that lutein, zeaxanthin and omega-3s, which are also found in eggs, play a vital role in keeping your eyes healthy. Antioxidants help maintain long-term eye health by protecting against retinal degeneration.

The risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced

Despite previous reviews, new research has shown that egg cholesterol balances with phosphatides, so it doesn’t harm our health. It also prevents the production of cholesterol in the body. In addition, eggs contain omega-3 acids which reduce triglyceride levels and thereby reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Eggs provide good cholesterol

Chances are that if you have spoken with an advocate for low egg consumption, you have heard of the dangers of all the cholesterol it contains. Cholesterol is a molecule, waxy asymmetry, that the human body uses to build healthy cells.

The right amount of cholesterol in the blood is good for the body, but too much cholesterol poses an increased risk to your heart health. So the fact that each regular chicken egg contains 187 mg of cholesterol, which is equivalent to 50 to 90 percent of the daily amount recommended for an individual, can scare many people with delicious foods

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Healthy skin, hair and nails

Eggs are rich in B vitamins, including vitamin B12, B5, biotin, riboflavin, thiamin and selenium. All these vitamins are ideal for maintaining your hair, skin and nails. They nourish our cells, improve the elasticity of the skin and counteract the damage caused by free radicals.

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